Welcome to the castle of Colombiers.

The castle is located in the city of Colombiers, close to  the Canal du Midi.  We have written traces of it as early as the 12th century. It has been modified many times since its medieval origins. It is the only castle situated on the banks of the Canal du Midi.

Uninhabited for 15 years, it is now being renovated and is gradually revealing its architectural originality. Amongst other things, you can see the magnificent historic cellars under the castle, where tiled vats that were used as fermentation tanks for wine in the 19th century are still standing. These cellars are separate from the "Cave du château", which houses the tourist office La Domitienne. It was Clémence Lagarrigue who, as the owner of the castle at the time, had the "Cave du Château" built at the very end of the 19th century, as the cellars beneath the castle had become too small.
One hundred and twenty years later, it is still women who are at the helm and bringing it back to life.
If you pass by, you can see it from the nearby canal bridge and the washhouse below. It is possible to take a guided tour, in groups, by reservation.

The pond of Colombiers-Montady, the Oppidum d'Ensérune and the Malpas tunnel, all nearby, are part of its history.

The Canal du Midi and the port of Colombiers, 5 minutes away on foot, will allow you to discover it and to linger there if you go by boat or by bike.

Some places in the castle and the cellars can be visited every wednesday at 2PM.